Removal Process


Desert Environmental and Equipment Company Inc. (D.E.E.CO.) has trained technicians in Mold Remediation and Abatement for your home or business. One of the first steps of  a Mold Remediation Process is to determine the size of the area that must be sealed off and contained in 6 mil  plastic. Since there are many different types of home and  business lay out plans  concerning hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, entryway, side or back doors, a jointing attic spaces etc... it is sometimes challenging trying to set up and  contain an area along with adding a clean/dirty room and still have access to the area. There are many instances where part of the interior of the home or business can be sealed off and still allow the home owner or business owner to continue their daily activities (within reason), and allow access through a different doorway for the Remediation Crew. But again all jobs are a custom set up on the containment area and only upon a prior inspection can it be determined as to home owner/business owner access to the facility during the Remediation Process. Along with the containment set up there will also be one or more Negative Air Machines with flexible duct hose running from the containment area to the outside, this machine will be on and  running during the entire remediation process, along with Hepa-Vacuums and any power tools that are needed for the removal process. All Remediation technicians will wear personal protection equipment including protective clothing,respirators,eye protection and gloves. Once the Removal Process has started "REMEDIATION TECHNICIANS ONLY  WILL BE ALLOWED IN CONTAINMENT AREA" a breach of this area would cause cross contamination and the job would " stop immediately " all consultants would be advised and addition cost will apply.