Mold Facts


Many people today are still unclear as to how and where Mold Grows and is it Toxic to their Health. Just because you dont see it or smell it does not mean you dont have it, Mold is everywhere and generally airborne at all times. There are certain types of mold strains such as Stachybotrys or Chaetomium that creates "Airborne Mycotoxins" which can enter into your Respatory System and cause a host of illnesses such as chronic bronchitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, heart problems, bleeding lungs, cancer, multiple sclerosis, breathing difficulties, flu like symptoms, hearing loss, dizziness and a host of other problems. Many types of allergies will flare up when you are in an area such as your home or work place that has a high concentration of airborne toxins and you continue to wonder why you feel weak or irritable or seem to have difficulties breathing, and at times when you leave that area you seem to feel much better. If this is you a simple search under sink cabinets, under areas of carpet that may have water stains and ceiling tiles or areas that show water stains could reveal a mold infestation which is the cause of your poor health. Ask around at work if there has been any water leaks from plumbing problems to a roof leak that may have went un-noticed or have not been repaired, these areas are a prime candidate for mold growth and are likely the culprit. As we know that water leaks will happen at some time or another in our home or work place, make it a point to routinly inspect areas that could have a leak, it is a very serious matter as to the time frame of how long it takes to dry it up. You cannot allow the water to simply dry on its own, mold spores will grow between 24 to 48 hours if given moisture, if carpet is wet "pull it up" remove the padding, use a wet/dry vacuum, you will feel much better in the long run.

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