Mold Removal Services


Desert Environmental and Equipment Company (D.E.E.CO.) offers Mold Remediation and Abatement Services for the East kern County and Ridgecrest area. Since 2003 we have been assisting home owners, property managers and real estate companies in the Remediation and Abatement of serious toxic mold (mycotoxins). Although we live in a dry climate, mold still has the opportunity to grow if given moisture and a food substrate like wood, fabric, stucco or sheet rock. If water is allowed to enter into your home from either rain or a plumbing leak and saturate an inner wall or your carpet mold will grow.

Even if the affected area was dried up quickly (within 36 hours) airborne mold spores are still present and can spread throughout your home or business and enter into your respiratory system in which serious symptoms such as flu like symptoms, breathing difficulties, allergies, weakened immune system and a host of other very serious issues can occur. Once you remove yourself from the affected area you will normally start to feel better depending upon the length of exposure and the mycotoxins that you were exposed to. All materials, walls, flooring, fabric, stucco, curtains etc. that have been exposed to moisture will have Mold Growth and must be cleaned or removed.

Mold Removal Process